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Yellow dock is an herbal extract from the root of the Rumex crispus plant. It has been used in North American folk health traditions for generations for its wellness benefits that include:

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What is Yellow Dock?

The root of the yellow dock (Rumex crispus) plant has long been linked to traditional wellness practices in North America. Commonly considered a weed, it is valued by those in the herbalism field as a general wellness tonic. Native American tribes used the herb in folk healing practices for joint discomfort, swelling, kidney issues, wound dressing and fever. The Navajo tribe, in particular, considered the herb an important component of many health practices and rituals, and believed it promoted both physical and spiritual wellness.**

The plant’s root is commonly associated with a mild and gentle laxative effect that aids in gastrointestinal health and comfort. The herb may further promote digestive wellness by supporting the gallbladder’s healthy production of bile. Studies have indicated that this botanical’s laxative and digestion-supportive effects may be attributed to active compounds called anthraquinone glycosides.**

Research has also shown that yellow dock supplies antioxidants that help to neutralize harmful oxidative stress within the body. The antioxidants found in this traditional herb have been specifically tied to a protective effect on the liver, and may help to cleanse the bloodstream.**

Additionally, the tannins present in the plant’s leaves have an astringent quality; the herb is sometimes applied topically to support skin wellness. The root, when taken internally, may also help with the scaling and flaking that is associated with some inflammatory skin issues. This herb’s soothing properties are also used to assist with irritation of the sinuses, sore throat and upper respiratory tract congestion and inflammation.**

Yellow Dock Supplements

Yellow dock products are derived from the root of the weedy flowering plant. The supplement is usually offered as capsules, though it may available in tablet or liquid form. It is often combined with other herbs, notably dandelion and milk thistle, in a complex formulated for natural liver support. It is also sometimes included in the traditional herbal immune blend known as Essiac.**

Yellow Dock Directions for Use

It is important to consult with your health care professional before taking this botanical nutrient or starting any routine supplementation. No standard dosage has been set. Supplemental capsule doses are often 400 mg to 600 mg.**