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White Kidney Bean extract supports healthy weight loss by acting as a “carb blocker.” It offers theraputic nutrient levels and works to:**

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What is White Kidney Bean Extract?

Low-carb dieting is a popular method of losing weight. Carbs are the first energy source used by the body. When dietary carbs are restricted, the body flips into a state of ketosis, where it preferentially burns fat for energy. Also known as a ketogenic diet, the low-carb lifestyle has gained acceptance as a straightforward way of shedding pounds relatively quickly. However, many dieters find it challenging to cut carbs from their diet. White kidney bean extract may help.**

White kidney bean extract is derived from the common white kidney bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) and may assist with low-carb dieting by functioning as a “carb blocker.” The extract contains a compound that inhibits alpha-amylase, the digestive enzyme that converts carbohydrates into sugars. According to scientific investigations, white bean extract aids in directing carbs to be used more readily by the body rather than being converted to sugars and then fat. The extract’s activity as a carb blocker, along with its ability to stabilize blood sugar levels, is believed to help support the weight management efforts of low-carb dieters.**

Although conventional white kidney beans are a nutritious addition to a regular diet, the amount of enzyme-inhibiting activity in a standard serving is minimal. White bean extract supplements are preferable because they supply much higher potencies of key active compounds associated with weight management. White kidney bean extract supplementation is most effective when combined with a healthy lifestyle that includes restricted carbohydrate intake and regular exercise.**

White Kidney Bean Extract Supplements

White bean extract supplement products are sourced from white kidney beans and usually offered in capsule and tablet form. White kidney bean extract may also be available as part of a carb-blocker healthy weight management formulas.**

White Kidney Bean Extract DIrections for Use

Consult with your health care professional before taking white kidney bean extract, starting any routine supplementation or embarking on a weight loss program. White bean extract is regularly available as capsules and tablets in the range of 500-1,000 mg.**