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Tart Cherry optimizes healthy circulation, including supporting arterial wellness. Tart cherry supplements works to help maintain overall health in addition to:**

  • Supplying potent antioxidant compounds**

  • Promoting joint comfort and mobility**

  • Offering an abundance of vitamins & minerals

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What is Tart Cherry?

Unlike its sweeter cousins, the plump tart cherry (and its juice) contains a strong flavor that can make lips pucker. Tart cherries grow abundantly in the United States and have been a mainstay of the American kitchen for centuries, with a popular place in traditional fruit pies. As significant as tart cherry is in our cuisine, its ability to promote health is even more notable. The bright red skin of tart cherries supplies beneficial phytochemicals known as anthocyanins.

These antioxidants appear to have vast anti-aging and whole-body health benefits. One 2004 study found the consumption of anthocyanins plays a role in promoting good cardiovascular and neurological health. Anthocyanins found in tart cherry have been found to modulate inflammation, which helps to promote joint comfort while soothing away muscle aches related to overexertion.** In addition to anthocyanins, tart cherries supply quercetin, one of the most powerful antioxidants known. Quercetin has been researched for its role in reducing the amount of oxidation in LDL “bad” cholesterol, and may help to encourage arterial health and free flowing circulation.**

Tart Cherry Products

Tart cherry supplements are available as either extract in capsule or tablet form or in juice concentrate. Supplements are often taken by those who find the flavor of tart cherries or juice to be too strong. Some supplements may be standardized to guarantee a minimum level of anthocyanin content.**

Tart Cherry Directions for Use

Never begin a nutritional supplement regimen before first consulting with your health care practitioner. The general tart cherry supplement dosage is 400 to 500 mg for capsule form, or 1 fluid ounce for liquid concentrate, which can be mixed with water or another beverage.**