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Strontium supports healthy teeth and strong bones. It's also known to aid in protecting the skin as well as:**

  • Promoting joint health.**

  • Supporting connective tissues.**

  • Optimizing back comfort.**

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What is Strontium?

A trace mineral, strontium is a beneficial alkaline earth metal that occurs naturally in soil and drinking water. With a close molecular similarity to calcium, strontium has many of the same beneficial effects, such as helping to strengthen bones, protect joints and support dental health. It has also been used to protect the skin from irritants and to promote soothing back comfort.**

Strontium has been used successfully in supporting healthy teeth. It is a common ingredient in toothpastes and mouthwashes, especially those designed for people with sensitive teeth. Research has suggested that using toothpaste with strontium can reduce dental sensitivity for as long as 12 weeks after discontinuation of use.  It has also been discovered that sensitivity toothpastes containing this compound appear to be much more effective than any other type, including those that contain similar substances such as calcium.**

When used as a nutritional supplement, strontium has demonstrated the ability to promote bone, joint and connective tissue health. Strontium supplementation has been suggested to be beneficial in postmenopausal women who face bone-thinning risks. It helps to strengthen bones, optimize bone mineral density and support overall bone health. Strontium supplementation can also lead to optimized back comfort in postmenopausal women: One study suggested that the likelihood of developing vertebral fractures and back problems decreased between 33% and 36% with long-term strontium supplementation. Strontium is believed to promote soothing back comfort, and may play a role in preserving overall cartilage health.**

Strontium has shown promise as a topical ingredient for revitalizing skin. Specifically, it has demonstrated the ability to ease skin irritation caused by chemical skin care products, significantly reducing both the time and the intensity of discomfort. It has also been investigated for its apparent ability to reduce the magnitude and duration of itch from histamine exposure, with research suggesting it may protect skin from histamine-based reactions.**

Strontium Supplements

Strontium as a nutritional supplement most often takes the form of a salt, either as citrate, chloride, acetate, or ranelate. When it is not available in a topical solution meant for teeth or skin, it is usually found in capsule or tablet form.**

Strontium Directions for Use

Never begin any kind of nutritional supplement regimen without first speaking with your primary care doctor. The most common strontium dosage ranges from as little as 100 mg a day to as high as 2000 mg a day. Taking strontium supplements at bedtime or between meals is ideal, as this nutrient’s close relationship to calcium can interfere with the absorption of calcium-rich food.**