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Stress management and sleep products are designed to support natural relaxation and rejuvenating rest. Stress management supplements may also help to:

  • Promote feelings of calm and tranquility**

  • Maintain a healthy emotional equilibrium**

  • Assist with occasional sleeplessness**

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What is Stress?

Daily life can be stressful. Many may feel overwhelmed by work pressures, family concerns and/or other factors on a daily basis. The American Psychological Association (APA) has conducted surveys that suggest that roughly 70% of people in the United States acknowledge that they experience physical or emotional symptoms of stress. Additionally, only around 35% of Americans believe that their efforts to manage stress are "very good" or "excellent."

Of the millions who are not coping effectively with stressful situations, the APA reports that more than 40% note that they frequently lie awake in bed and have difficulty falling asleep. A lack of sleep may naturally create more feelings of restlessness and tension, leading to a self­ perpetuating cycle that runs on stress and inadequate rest. This unfortunate pattern may affect school, work and home life, as well as overall health and quality of life.

Since relaxation may result in deeper sleep, as well as overall mind­body wellness, nutrients that support both serenity and rest may be notably beneficial. Some supplements may gently promote these feelings of tranquility that in turn support healthy sleeps patterns, as well as providing nutritional support for a bright and healthy mood.** These nutrients may be most effective when accompanied by a healthy lifestyle that includes regular physical activity and a balanced diet. Among the most popular stress management and sleep supplements are:

  • Melatonin: A hormone that plays a key role in helping to regulate the body's light-­sensitive circadian rhythm, melatonin has been widely studied for its ability to support calmness and solid, rejuvenating slumber.** Melatonin is naturally integral to consistent sleep and has been specifically linked to aiding rest for those traveling long distances through various time zones.**
  • Valerian Root: This herb is extracted from the roots of a fragrant flowering plant that has been used in traditional wellness practices since the ancient Greek and Roman eras. Investigations have suggested that valerian root may encourage relaxation and help to promote healthy, restorative slumber.**
  • Passion Flower: Known for its eye­-catching tropical blooms, passion flower has been historically called upon in the folk traditions of native North and South Americans. The herb is associated with easing restlessness and supporting tranquility, as well as maintaining optimal rest.** Due its calming attributes, passion flower is a common botanical component in natural stress management and sleep formulas.**
  • Hops: The fruit-­like flowers produced by the Humulus lupulus plant, hops are a major ingredient in beer and are widely valued for their calmative effects.** They have been researched for their support of healthy slumber, particularly in cases of occasional sleeplessness.**
  • GABA: Scientifically known as gamma-­aminobutyric acid, GABA is a neurotransmitter linked with relaxation due to its effects on the nervous system.** Studies suggest that the compound may promote overall serenity and assist with ideal regulation of the sleep cycle.**
  • 5-­HTP: This amino acid, also referred to as 5­-hydroxytryptophan, is a precursor of the “feel good” neurotransmitter serotonin, a compound that plays a role in modulating both mood and sleep.** Along with helping to uphold a sense of calm and general emotional stability, 5-­HTP may work together with other sleep-­encouraging neurotransmitters, including melatonin.**
  • St. John's Wort: A popular wellness herb, this plant has long been called upon around the world for its links to promoting a relaxed, positive mood.** Research has noted that the flavonoids in St. John's wort, including its active ingredient hypericin, may assist in maintaining tranquility and emotional balance while supporting relaxation that leads to restful sleep.**
  • L-­Theanine: Present in both green and black tea, this amino acid has been investigated in recent decades for its soothing and slumber-­promoting qualities.** Studies have suggested that it may encourage sleep even in those feeling excitable, and may work to counter caffeine's stimulating properties. Investigations also suggest that it may promote general cognitive health and a positive outlook.**
  • Rhodiola Rosea: Also referred to as golden root, this traditional “adaptogen” herb is a low-­lying plant found in certain high elevations of northern Asia and Europe. Studied for its many health­-supportive compounds, Rhodiola rosea is widely valued, particularly in Russia, for its associations with adapting to stressful conditions, both physically and emotionally.**
  • SAM-­e: Also known as S­adenosyl methionine, SAM-­e is a compound present in throughout the body's cells, especially in the liver. Not regularly available in food sources, SAM­-e is involved in various biological activities and helps to maintain optimal brain neuron function.** This trait helps to promote mood wellness and balance.**
  • L-­Tryptophan: This amino acid compound is a precursor to serotonin, the “feel good” neurotransmitter that is associated with feelings of tranquility.** It also plays a role in the body’s natural synthesis of melatonin, one of the most popular compounds for supporting healthy sleep.** With these two biological activities, L-­tryptophan may promote both emotional balance and rejuvenating rest.**

Stress Management & Sleep Products

Stress management and sleep supplements present natural compounds, many of which are extracted from botanical sources. Capsules and tablets are the most common forms of the products, though some supplements are offered as liquids or powders. Herbal ingredients, such as hops and valerian root, may be combined in formulas that promote rest and relaxation.**

Stress Management & Sleep Products Directions for Use

Before taking these supplements or starting any routine nutrient regimen, talk to your health care professional. Amounts of active ingredients can differ considerably, from 1 mg to 1,200 mg.