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SAM-e is known for promoting mood support. In addition to encouraging healthy aging and quality of life, SAM-e can:**

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What is SAM-e?

Scientifically known as S-Adenosyl Methionine, SAM-e, a natural compound, can be found in cells throughout the body, particularly in the liver. Discovered during the early 1950s by Italian researcher G.L. Cantoni, SAMe did not become widely available as a supplement until years later. SAM-e is not commonly found in food sources, and is often deficient in seniors.**

Extensively investigated in recent decades, SAM-e is involved in dozens of different wellness-supporting biological activities in the body. Supplemental SAM-e has become popularly associated with dispelling the blues and promoting a healthy mood. SAMe is believed to support emotional wellness by optimizing the brain’s neurons, encouraging brain cell membrane fluidity, and helping to sustain and support certain neurotransmitters. The compound has also received notable attention for its ability to nourish the cartilage and support joint comfort, benefits that have been attributed to its inflammation-modulating properties.**

With its two main wellness benefits, SAMe has become regarded as an intriguing “two-in-one” supplement for optimizing both joint health and emotional well-being. Since joint health issues have been linked with mood problems, SAM-e may be ideally suited to nutritionally support mobility, bright mood and peak quality of life in some populations.**

SAM-e also promotes nervous system health. Due to its natural presence in the liver, SAMe has been investigated for its potential in maintaining liver health, as well.**

SAM-e Supplements

SAM-e supplement products are primarily offered as tablets, which are sometimes enteric-coated for greater digestive comfort.**

SAM-e Directions for Use

Talk to your health professional prior to taking SAMe supplements or beginning any regular supplementation. Although there is no regular recommended SAMe dosage; supplements are often available in the range of 200 mg.**