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Sage is a well-known herb grown in Europe and North America. Incorporated into various cuisines, its scented leaves are also used in aromatherapy and folk wellness practices. Sage can:

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What is Sage?

Along with other popular herbs such as basil and lavender, sage (Salvia officinalis) is a plant in the mint (Lamiaceae) family. Originally cultivated in the Mediterranean, it carries a subtly sweet and light flavor and scent, making it a valued ingredient in both cooking and aromatherapy. The plant is also celebrated by name in the centuries-old British folk tune "Scarborough Fair" along with fellow herbs parsley, rosemary and thyme. It is a hearty and perennially appreciated garden herb, and its grayish-green leaves are commonly used in European and American cuisine, both in dried and fresh form.**

Sage has long been called upon as a wellness-promoting herb, with its use dating back to ancient Greek and Roman eras. In folk practices, the herb has been linked with at least 60 different applications for health, reinforcing its reputation as a whole-body “tonic.” Traditionally, the herb was used to help sharpen memory, help with indigestion, support immune function, and to promote overall wellness.** Early cultures rubbed the raw herb on their teeth and gums, where its antioxidant activity helped to promote oral health.** Many of these ancient folk wellness uses have been validated in more recent clinical studies.**

Modern research has shown that this herb contains various natural phenols and flavonoids that have antioxidant activity.** These properties contribute to the herb's immune-modulating qualities, which support many aspects of well-being across body systems.** Studies have indicated the plant assists in upholding attention span and memory retention, as well as promoting overall cognitive function.** The herb has also been investigated for its effects on maintaining optimal blood lipid and blood glucose levels, already within the normal range,  suggesting its potential for supporting general cardiovascular health.**  Further research has noted that the herb may additionally encourage digestive wellness.**

Bundles of the dried herb have been used in Native American "smudging" practices for centuries, with the aromatic smoke associated with cleansing and purification. Similarly, in aromatherapy practices the plant's essential oil is connected with qualities such as clarity, positivity and uplifting energy.** There are numerous varieties of the plant, including a purple cultivar, but Salvia officinalis is the most common kind for culinary and health applications. The clary variety (Salvia sclarea) of the herb is also renowned as an essential oil.

Sage Products

Sage supplements, essential oils and other products are sourced from the plant's fragrant leaves. Supplements are available in capsule and tea form. It is also sold as smudging bundles or incense. The herb's essential oil may be offered on its own or in beauty products such as lotions, soaps and shampoos.**

Sage Products  Directions for Use

Talk to your health care professional before using this herb in a supplement routine. There is no established suggested amount. Individual capsules often supply 400 mg at a 4:1 concentration for the equivalent of 1,600 mg.**