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Royal Jelly is a nutrient-dense food consumed by queen bees. Royal Jelly Supplement promotes overall health and wellness, modulating inflammatory responses as well as:**

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What is Royal Jelly?

Considered a health food in many cultures around the world, royal jelly is a thick liquid substance produced by honey bees exclusively as food for the queen bee and her larvae. While royal jelly shares many similarities with honey, it differs in that it supplies B-complex and other vitamins along with proteins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, and carbohydrates. Since it performs diverse health promoting biological actions in the body, royal jelly is considered by some to be a “superfood” for overall wellness.**

Royal jelly may be most famous as an energy-promoting substance, possibly due to its natural B-complex vitamins. It also appears to have a weak estrogenic effect: Initial research into postmenopausal women taking herbal supplements made with royal jelly has suggested it may help with menopausal symptoms. Preliminary research has suggested that royal jelly in nutritional supplement form may also influence blood sugar levels when taken over a six month period of time.**

Royal jelly also appears to play a role in modulating the body’s inflammatory responses. Two separate studies have shown supplementation with royal jelly appeared to assist with digestive and periodontal issues related to inflammation. Additional research has suggested that the jelly may help to optimize bone density by supporting the formation of new bone. The high levels of B-complex vitamins and other nutrients naturally present in the jelly also promote overall general health and well-being.**

Royal Jelly Products

Royal jelly is not normally collected in the course of beekeepers’ harvesting of honey, so it is not widely used in food preparations. However, royal jelly nutritional supplementation has grown popular as more research seems to back its traditional uses for energy and whole-body wellness.**

The jelly can be freeze-dried and formed into tablets or capsules either alone or with complementary nutrients. Fresh royal jelly in a natural liquid state is also taken as a supplement; it is often mixed into a paste with honey to preserve its freshness.**

Royal Jelly Directions for Use

Before starting any sort of nutritional supplementation, always consult with your family doctor or primary health care provider.  While there is no standardized royal jelly dosage, levels can range from 500 mg to as high as 2000 mg on a daily basis when taken in capsule or tablet form. When consumed in traditional fresh form (as a paste mixed with honey), the typical daily dose is 1 to 2 teaspoons, usually taken with warm water.**