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Pregnant mothers need a healthy dose of calcium, folic acid & iron:**

  • Folic acid supports neural tube development in a fetus**

  • Calcium helps support bone density in pregnant women**

  • Iron helps both the mother and the fetus carry oxygen through their blood**

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What are Prenatal Multivitamins?

Pregnant mothers need to take special care of themselves and the little one growing inside. Taking prenatal multivitamins is crucial for expectant women to help ensure both the fetus and their health is at the utmost throughout he pregnancy and after birth.**

Prenatal Essenials multivitamins are packed with the minerals and vitamins pregnant women and their babies require. When a woman is pregnant, the fetus is dependant on her healthy diet and lifestyle in order to develop properly. However, no one is perfect, and prenatal multivitamins are specifically created to fill any gaps in a mother's diet and nutrition as well as to make sure the fetus is getting the proper vitamins and minerals it needs to grow big and strong. The three nutrients that are especially imporant during pregnancy are Calcium, Folic Acid and Iron.**

During pregnancy, the fetus will absorb the Calcium from its mother in order to build its own skeletal system. Expectant mothers need extra sources of Calcium in order to replenish this supply and maintain their healthy bones during pregnancy.**

Iron is used by your body in order to efficiently carry oxygen in the bloodstream. Without it, the mother or fetus may develop an iron deficiency, which can lead to other problems such as anemia. A healthy dose of Iron for both mother and fetus is an absolute must during pregnancy.**

Folic Acid aids in the development of the nervous system. Specifically, Folic Acid supports the development of neural tubes in the fetus.**

As an expectant mother, we understand you want to do everything possible to ensure your fetus develops successfully and without any issues for you or them. Adding prenatal multivitamins to your daily routine during your pregnancy helps to you and your unborn child stay both happy and healthy!**

Prenatal Multivitamin Directions for Use

Pregnant women should take two (2) multivitamins per day with a meal. Before starting any multivitamin regimen, consult with your trusted physician.**