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Max Whole Greens supply multivitamin nutrients sourced from diverse botanical origins. Whole Greens are designed to optimize nutritional wellness and work to:**

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What are Max Whole Greens?

Of all the components involved in a healthy diet, greens are among the most important. Though the study of human dietary history suggests that some early civilizations regularly ate meat, greens in their numerous forms have proven to be the foundation of nutritional wellness over the centuries. In fact, many ancient civilizations acknowledged the importance of plant-based eating habits and embraced vegetarianism. The renowned Greek thinker Pythagoras was an ardent vegetarian, and certain paths of Buddhism and Hinduism have also championed the practice.

Nutrient levels vary from plant to plant, but most fruits and vegetables, as well as other botanically derived foods, contain significant levels of vitamins, minerals and beneficial natural phenols. A considerable majority of Americans, however, don't eat adequate amounts of greens on a daily basis. This led the USDA to revise its dietary guidelines in 2010. The result was replacing its long-utilized food pyramid with a plate graphic and emphasizing that half of every meal plate should consist of fruits and vegetables. These levels of greens help to ensure a sufficient amount of essential nutrients and also feature high antioxidant activity, which works against harmful free radicals and aids aging wellness. 

With a diversity of natural sources—including various vegetables, fruits, herbs, algae and fungi—Max Whole Greens supply an array of vitamins and minerals, as well as antioxidants, enzymes, fiber and other key nutrients required for optimal health.** Because these multivitamins contain whole foods concentrated in powdered form, they have been linked to more efficient absorption and digestive comfort.** This is due to the nutrients being accompanied by or a part of dietary components (i.e. whole fruits and vegetables) that the body is already accustomed to processing.

In addition to incorporating well-known ingredients, these supplements also present more exotic nutrients, including fruits such as papaya and noni, chlorella and other single-celled algae, and mushrooms, notably shiitake and reishi varieties. These compounds have been associated with helping to maintain cardiovascular, digestive and immune system health, among other benefits.** The major nutrient categories of Max Whole Greens are:

  • Vegetables: Generally classified together due to their relative lack of sweetness, vegetables are plant foods that are necessary for ideal dietary wellness. Fiber, which supports gastrointestinal health, is typically abundant in veggies, and this varied collection of botanical foods also includes vitamins, minerals and many forms of phytochemicals that have beneficial properties. Vegetables commonly in whole-food multivitamins include carrots (high in beta-carotene), garlic and kale (both linked to heart wellness). Kale and its crucifer relatives such as broccoli additionally contain sulforaphane, an antioxidant compound that has been increasingly studied in recent decades.
  • Herbs: Herbal extracts have been utilized in culinary and traditional health practices for centuries. These botanicals contain various wellness-supportive compounds. Among the most popular herbs in green supplements are ginger, which is known for healthy digestion, and milk thistle, a plant used to help uphold optimal liver function.** Another time-honored herb, echinacea, is steeped in Native American history and its ties to seasonal immune health.**
  • Fruits: Like veggies, fruits are abundant in dietary fiber and also well regarded for their antioxidant activity. Widely appreciated for their natural sweetness, fruits found in whole-food supplements include grapefruit, which is high in cardiosupportive vitamin C, and anthocyanin-rich blueberry.** Other renowned fruits include pineapple, a tropical favorite featuring the enzyme bromelain, and nutrient-dense, multi-tasking superfruits like acai and noni, which have only recently garnered worldwide attention.
  • Enzymes: These natural compounds are situated in the gastrointestinal tract and break down food during the digestive process, leading to the absorption of nutrients. Bromelain from pineapple encourages overall healthy digestion, along with papain from papaya, which specifically targets protein.
  • Algae: Nutritionally renowned in various forms, algae is a common part of green multivitamins as the unicellular varieties spirulina and chlorella. These kinds of algae feature amino acids, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, and have been extensively investigated for numerous wellness applications, including circulatory and immune health.**
  • Mushrooms: The fleshy components of fungi, mushrooms have long been used in Asian wellness traditions. Shiitake mushrooms are valued for both their flavor and ties to immune support.** The reishi variety is also associated with maintaining optimal immunity.

Max Whole Greens Supplements

Max Whole Greens are sourced from a variety of plants, as well as algae and fungi. These green supplements are commonly available in caplet, capsule and powder form. As both beverages and solids, whole-food multivitamin products may blend numerous vegetables and fruits with herbs, mushrooms and other ingredients for a nutrient-rich complex. Many green food supplements also provide healthy grasses such as barley grass and wheatgrass.