Liquid Formulas (228)
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Liquid formulas offer a convenient and versatile delivery method for nourishment and nutrition. In addition to being bioavailable and easy to absorb, these products are:

  • Ideal for those who have difficulty swallowing pills.

  • Perfect for supplementing smoothies and shakes

  • Available in topical products for skin health

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What are Liquid Formulas?

Flowing freely and with no definite shape, liquid is one of the four fundamental states of matter, along with solid, gas and plasma. In the natural health products world, liquids are a popular form for the delivery of nutrients and health­promoting compounds. Liquid supplements offer a comfortable nutritional option for those who have difficulty swallowing tablets, and are valued by parents who may be seeking an easier way to supplement their children’s diets. These liquid formulas for overall health and well­being may be presented in many different forms:

  • Juice & Juice Concentrates: The USDA recommended that Americans consume 2­4 servings of fruit and 3­5 servings of vegetables daily. Juices and juice concentrates can contribute towards this goal. Supplying a diverse range of nutrients including antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins and minerals, juice and juice concentrate products offer a convenient and pleasing way to improve nutrient intake, and may be used to supplement smoothies, shakes and other drinks. Among the most popular fruits, berries and exotics found in liquid supplement form are tart cherry, black cherry, noni, pomegranate, nopal, mangosteen, goji, beet root, elderberry, blueberry and cranberry. These juices may be blended together, and also may be supplemented with additional health­-promoting compounds, such as probiotics.**
  • Liquid Sprays and Drops: These supplements are typically sprayed underneath the tongue or taken orally, and are believed to offer advantages for nutrient absorption and bioavailability. Liquid drops are usually presented in dropper bottles, which enable easy administration both orally and for supplementing other liquids, such as juices, shakes and smoothies. Sprays and drops may supply nutrients like the B-­complex vitamins, vitamin D-3, deer antler velvet and a range of botanical extracts. Sprays and drops may also include topical products such as iodine solution and magnesium oil.
  • Liquid Oil Supplements: These viscous supplements are often sourced from plant seeds or marine life, and may also include essential oils that are steam­distilled from various botanicals. Since oils may be fat­based, their nutritional content often includes beneficial fatty acids, such as omega­-3, omega-­6 and omega­-9. Oils may also supply antioxidants that help to fight the cell­ damaging effects of free radicals and oxidative stress.** Liquid oil supplements may be designed for ingestible, topical, culinary or aromatherapy uses. Among the most popular ingestible liquid oil supplements are coconut oil medium­-chain triglycerides (MCTs), flaxseed oil, olive oil, castor oil, sesame seed oil, pumpkin seed oil, and various fish oils, including cod liver oil. Peppermint oil may be presented in ingestible form for digestive wellness or essential oil form for aromatherapy. Neem oil, magnesium oil, and vitamin E oil are prized for their skin­supportive benefits when used topically.**
  • Liquid Vitamins, Minerals and Other Nutrients: Liquid supplements may offer basic multivitamin and mineral nutrition or more exotic compounds in an easy-­to-­take form. These products may be ideally suited for those who have difficulty swallowing tablets or capsules. Liquid vitamins are also well-­suited for children’s nutrition, and often feature pleasing flavors that make supplementation easy. In addition to broad-­spectrum liquid multivitamins, standalone supplements of vitamin C, B­-complex, and D-3 may be available. In products known as colloidal minerals, mineral compounds are suspended and evenly distributed in liquid form that is believed to offer absorption and bioavailability advantages.** Other liquid supplements may include melatonin for easy administration and fast­acting sleep­supportive effects; flavonoid-­rich bee propolis; liquid glucosamine and chondroitin for convenient joint support; or raspberry ketones for healthy weight management.**
  • Liquid Herbal Tinctures and Extract: Among the oldest known delivery methods of herbal nutrition, liquid tinctures and extracts are typically created by soaking botanicals in a solvent; a water and alcohol solution is commonly used. The soaking process draws out the herb’s active constituents, along with some of its flavor notes. The batch is then strained to remove the plant’s leaves, stems and roots, producing a concentrated liquid solution that supplies the herb’s health-­promoting compounds. Some extracts are then standardized; this process assures a guaranteed level of the herb’s active ingredients in each serving. Liquid extracts may be taken straight, mixed with a little water, or added to teas, juices, smoothies or other fluids. They are believed to offer advantages in nutrient assimilation. Some of the most popular herbal extracts include valerian root, echinacea and goldenseal, Pau D’Arco and hawthorn berry.

Liquid Formula Products

Liquid formulas are often designed for convenience, versatility, ease of administration and optimal digestion and bioavailability. Liquid products may come in a wide variety of delivery forms, combinations and flavors.

Liquid Formula Products Directions for Use

Before taking liquid formulas, consult with your health care provider. Liquid supplement serving sizes vary depending on the nutrient, concentration and delivery form. Since liquid products may be presented in pourable form, in eyedroppers, spray bottles, topical applications and sometimes in liquid-­filled capsules, it is important to closely follow manufacturers’ directions for use on each individual product’s label. Liquid supplements, including extracts and tinctures, may be taken straight orally or used to supplement juices, shakes, smoothies, water or other fluids. Topical liquid are usually simply applied as needed.