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Over the years, herbs have been celebrated in culinary practices and wellness applications. Liquid extracts contain the helpful benefits of the herbs and plants they’re sourced from in an easy-to-consume and fast-absorbing form.**

  • Expertly extracted from natural sources

  • Easily incorporated into your daily routine – no pills to swallow or herbs to press

  • Herbal extracts are absorbed quickly in liquid form

Read more about Liquid Extracts

What Are Liquid Extracts?

Liquid extracts have been used for centuries in wellness practices. Early cultures used herbs in teas to extract their wellness properties, over the years other methods have yielded tinctures and liquid extracts. These extracts have been part of homemade and traditional wellness practices since the time of their conception.

Derived from different herbs around the world, they are easy to use and suitable for those who need to take them on-the-go. Packed with all of the helpful benefits of the plants they’re sourced from, liquid extracts are believed to be one of the most quickly absorbed and readily available forms of these herbs.**

Liquid Extracts

Sourced from Mother Nature, liquid extracts are perfect for those who dislike swallowing pills or don’t have the time to go through the motions of pressing herbs or steeping herbal tea but still want all of the natural goodness of herbs.

The uses for certain herbal extracts varies, so be sure to follow the instructions on the package for each individual item. Popular herbal extracts include Milk Thistle, which has been used traditionally in herbal wellness practices for 2,000+ years to promote overall health and Ginkgo Biloba, which is derived from the million-year-old tree species that is known for its ability to support brain function and help with occasional, mild memory problems associated with aging.**

PipingRock’s expanding selection of liquid extracts is available at unbeatable prices! Discover the benefits of herbs in fast absorbing liquid form.

Liquid Extracts Directions For Use

While no set amount of liquid herbal extract is required per day, most will have suggested directions on the package label. See individual products for this information. Always consult with your trusted health care professional prior to adding any new liquid extracts to your daily regimen.