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Korean ginseng is a root-derived adaptogen herb. It is considered an important foundation herb in traditional Asian wellness practices due to its wellness-benefits such as:

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What is Korean Ginseng?

Also known as Panax ginseng and Korean Red Ginseng, Korean ginseng root has been a significant component of Asian wellness traditions for thousands of years. In China, its use dates back to the 1st century A.D., when scholars wrote of the herb's balancing, calming and energizing properties.**

Korean ginseng’s nutrient-dense root, which turns red after it is steamed and dried, is prized for bioactive compounds called ginsenosides. Found exclusively in the Panax botanical family, ginsenosides include 25 different compounds that work individually or in harmony to produce a variety of beneficial effects on health and well-being. Modern-day investigations have verified that Korean ginseng's ginsenosides influence the body in many ways, such as fighting free radicals and modulating inflammatory responses.**

While there are many varieties of ginseng grown throughout the Northern Hemisphere, Korean ginseng is arguably the most popular. In countries throughout the Far East, Korean ginseng is often called upon for its adaptogenic qualities.** Adaptogens are herbs associated with stabilizing various systems of the body. According to Eastern beliefs, Korean ginseng and other adaptogens help the body acclimate to and work against stressors, including physical, emotional and environmental stress.** Adaptogens like Korean ginseng may energize or relax the body, depending on what the body needs at that time.**

Korean Red Ginseng has been increasingly embraced by Western health practices since the middle of the 20th century. Its adaptogenic properties have been linked to enhanced physical performance and stamina, leading to its popularity as a supplement among athletes.** Its positive energizing effects are mirrored in the realm of mental wellness; Korean ginseng is believed to promote healthy cognitive function, energized mental performance and a relaxed mindset with strong stress resistance.**

Among recent findings in panax ginseng studies are results suggesting that the herb may also encourage ideal blood sugar levels, robust immune system performance and cardiovascular wellness.** Its energizing and stamina-supporting properties have also shown promise for optimizing men’s libido and reproductive health.** Given Korean ginseng's well-established antioxidant, adaptogenic and tonic properties, the herb continues to undergo regular research into its effects on overall health.

Korean Ginseng Supplements

Although Korean ginseng supplements are relatively new in Western culture, the herb has been used traditionally in the East since ancient times. Panax ginseng is offered in many forms, including capsules, liquid extract, powders and whole root. It is also a common ingredient in energy drinks and teas. Some Korean ginseng supplements will be standardized to guarantee a minimum level of active ginsenosides. Korean Red Ginseng may be combined with other varieties of ginseng or other energy compounds, such as royal jelly and guarana extract.

Korean Ginseng Directions for Use

Talk to your health care professional before embarking on any kind of nutritional supplement regimen. Depending upon the specific intent, Korean ginseng dosage usually ranges from 250 mg to 550 mg per serving.