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PipingRock's Kid Probiotics are a great way to help your child's gut health. Some benefits are: 

  • Supports healthy digestive system**

  • Supports immune system health **

  • Chewable tablets for convenience 

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What Are Kids Probiotics?

The gut, which is a supportive component of everyone’s health, is especially important for children. 80% of the immune system of kids resides within in their gut. As a result, it is extremely influential and plays a key role in maintaining a healthy system overall. While as a parent or guardian you can maintain your child’s diet, there are instances that you can’t control: what they eat with friends or at school. That’s where the use of probiotics come in, they help to ensure your child’s gut stays healthy and beneficial no matter what their little lives have in store outside of home.

Probiotics are just as beneficial to children as they are to adults. They help to promote the delicate balance of bacteria in the gut. This helps to support a healthy digestive system and immune system.**  

Kids Probiotics Products

In an effort to make our Probiotic supplements more appealing to your little ones, here at PipingRock we’ve made our Kids Probiotics in chewable tablet form with a yummy berry flavor.

Kids Probiotics Directions of Use

Consult your family physician before starting any supplement routine. Carefully consult the label for best directions of use.