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Kidney health supplements support optimal renal function. Many of these herbal nutrients have been traditionally used for generations and can:

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What are Kidneys?

The kidneys are two fist-sized organs located in the back of the abdomen on either side of the spine. Resembling large beans, the kidneys are a key component of the urinary system and function as a filter for blood. On a daily basis, these important organs process approximately 200 quarts of blood, drawing out roughly two quarts of waste and water, which becomes urine. The bladder then holds the urine until it is eliminated from the body through urination. Renal function refers to how efficiently the kidneys act as a blood filter. The organs also aid in maintaining general homeostasis, pH balance and optimal blood pressure and electrolyte levels.**

Because the kidneys clean the blood, produce urine and perform other necessary functions, the health of this pair of organs is crucial to overall wellness. Related health concerns include kidney stones, which are small mineral deposits that form in the organ. Though some stones may pass through urine, others may become stuck in the kidney or urinary tract, leading to considerable discomfort and/or difficulties in urination.**

Since the kidneys are integral to the urinary system and pass on urine to the bladder for storage, the health of these organs is interrelated. When kidney wellness is not upheld, bladder health and overall urinary function may decline. This may result in an overactive bladder or related urinary problems, which affect approximately 25 million adults in America alone. Overactive bladder issues commonly include an abrupt urge to urinate, as well as urine leakage.**

Natural kidney health supplements are an increasingly well-received approach for gently optimizing renal wellness, cleansing the kidneys and maintaining a healthy urinary system.** Among the most popular natural kidney health supplements are:

  • Pumpkin Seed: This extract is derived from the seeds of the common squash and features a range of vitamins, minerals and free-radical-fighting antioxidants. Historically used in Native American wellness traditions, pumpkin seed supports healthy kidney function, as well as overactive bladder relief, ideal bladder control and overall urinary tract health.**
  • Isoflavone Glycosides: Also known as soy germ extract, isoflavones are phytoestrogens that studies have shown may aid in protecting the kidneys, along with general urinary function. Investigations have suggested that isoflavone glycosides work particularly well in easing overactive bladder symptoms when they are combined with pumpkin seed extract.**
  • Cranberry: A well-known North American fruit, cranberries are valued for their tart flavor and many culinary applications. Cranberries are abundant in antioxidants that work against the harmful effects of oxidative stress. Research has indicated that the fruit may discourage the formation of kidney stones and assist in cleansing the urinary tract while also upholding normal urine flow.**
  • Dandelion: Despite its notoriety as a weed, this flowering plant has many wellness applications. Native Americans used dandelion root for various issues, including its support of renal health. Studies have suggested that dandelion may be effective in hindering kidney stone formation, and the plant is also linked to optimal liver function.**
  • Uva Ursi: Sometimes referred to as bearberry, uva ursi is a bush that has long been incorporated into health traditions by indigenous groups around the world, including Native Americans, who called upon the plant for relief in cases of kidney stones. Uva ursi leaf is connected with urinary tract wellness and the body's ability to efficiently eliminate excess water.**

Kidney Health Products

Kidney health supplements originate from numerous sources, primarily plants. These products are commonly available as capsules and tablets. Kidney-supportive botanicals may also be found in cleansing herbal teas.**

Kidney Health Product Directions for Use

Before using these products or starting any supplement regimen, consult with your health care provider. No recommended dosage has been set. Nutrient levels may differ widely based on ingredients, with capsules and tablets ranging between 30 and 1,000 mg.**