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Our extended product selection provides myriad options for your needs as a woman:

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What are Women's Multi Vitamins?

Everyone needs a wide array of nutrients for ideal health. While both men and women require many of the same compounds, women can also benefit greatly from gender-specific women’s vitamins. Vitamins for women supply nutritional support for hormone and mood balance, menopause symptoms, comfort during menstruation, healthy libido, proper thyroid function and healthy bones. Women’s vitamins can also promote beautiful hair, nails and skin.**

Some of the most popular herbs, nutrients and vitamins for women include:

  • Black cohosh: One of the traditional Native American women’s vitamins, black cohosh supports women's health by promoting hormonal balance and optimal mood. Women’s vitamins for menopause often include black cohosh.**

  • Folic acid: Among the most important women’s vitamins, folic acid is a B vitamin that optimizes cardiovascular wellness and prenatal health. Women’s vitamins for prenatal wellness will always include folic acid.**

  • Calcium + Vitamin D3: One of the most common ingredients in vitamins for women, calcium promotes bone health, particularly in postmenopausal women who are more likely to develop osteoporosis. Vitamin D3 is a bioavailable form of Vitamin D that helps the body absorb calcium.**

  • Cranberry: Sourced from the popular fruit, cranberry concentrate is found in women’s vitamins for urinary wellness, where it optimizes urinary tract health and comfort.**

  • Evening primrose oil: The seeds of this flowering plant are rich in GLA (gamma-linolenic acid), one of the women’s vitamins that helps with menstruation and menopause.**

  • Wild yam root: This extract of wild yam has an estrogen-like effect which is especially beneficial in women’s vitamins that promote menstrual and menopausal comfort.**

  • Soy isoflavones: Derived from soybeans, these natural vitamins for women exhibit estrogen-like qualities that promote feminine health, particularly during menopause.**

Supplements for Women

Supplements for women are available in various forms, most often as capsules or tablets. Supplements for women may be presented as far-reaching combination products that supply a wide array of womens vitamins. Alternatively, women’s vitamins may contain just a single nutrient.**

Women’s vitamins are also found in products that are multi-vitamins for women. These multi-vitamins for women combine nutrients that are essential for everyone, including vitamins A, C, D and E, with carefully selected women’s vitamins for female wellness needs. Women's vitamins can be combined with a healthy diet that includes fruits and vegetables and good sources of protein and fiber, all of which supply vitamins for women to maintain overall wellness.**

Multi Vitamins for Women Directions for Use

Consult with your healthcare professional prior to taking vitamins for women or beginning any supplements for women. There is no regular recommended dosage for women's vitamins, but many multi-vitamins for women will include 200-400 mcg of folic acid and 25-150 mg of calcium.**