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Ester-C, an advanced esterified form of Vitamin C, primarily promotes heart and circulatory health**.  Ester-C Vitamins benefits include:

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What is Ester-C?

Otherwise known as calcium ascorbate, Ester-C is a patented, esterified form of vitamin C that is presented as an easily digestible calcium salt. Vitamin C is among the most popular health-promoting vitamins. An antioxidant, it helps with cardiovascular wellness, circulation, immunity, joint comfort, connective tissue integrity, and healthy-looking skin, hair and nails.**

Despite these powerful benefits, many people avoid taking vitamin C supplements because their high acidity often brings gastrointestinal distress, diarrhea and stomach upset. These side effects may be especially pronounced in those engaging in the widespread practice of increasing vitamin C intake during times of immune system challenges. Some advanced vitamin C supplements are designed to address this common problem of gastrointestinal distress.**

Ester-C provides all of the benefits associated with regular vitamin C, just in a pH-neutral form that is more comfortable on the stomach and easier to digest. In clinical trials, 1,000 mg of Ester-C was found to be more tolerable to “sensitive stomach” patients than 100 mg of regular vitamin C. In addition, clinical research has shown that this advanced form appears to be metabolized and absorbed into the bloodstream more efficiently than traditional vitamin C.**

Another cutting-edge form of vitamin C is PureWay-C, which features many of the same advantages as Ester-C. PureWay-C bonds vitamin C to fatty acids derived from plant waxes, yielding a “buffered” supplement that is comfortable to digest in those with sensitive stomachs. Both of these advanced vitamin C forms are complemented by additional bioflavonoids from other citrus fruits. These added antioxidants give Ester-C and PureWay-C supplements extra reinforcements for fighting the free radicals that may accelerate the aging process and affect overall health.**

Ester-C Supplements

Advanced vitamin C supplements like Ester-C and PureWay-C are designed to optimize vitamin C nutritional status and enable higher vitamin C intake without causing indigestion or upset stomach. Ester-C supplements and PureWay-C supplements are commonly available in caplet or capsule form.**

Ester-C Directions for Use

Talk to your doctor before taking any nutritional supplement. Due to its water-soluble nature, Ester-C has a high upper daily tolerable limit of around 2,000 mg. Ester-C dosage is typically in the range of 500 mg to 1,000 mg.**