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DMAE is known as a powerful supporter of brain and nervous system health.  Dmae Supplements stimulates and protects the brain's neurons, optimizing neurotransmitter production in addition to:**

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What is DMAE?

A versatile organic compound, DMAE (also known as deanol or dimethylaminoethanol bitrate) is a natural amino alcohol that provides anti-aging support for cognition and skin. Most foods do not contain the compound, with only anchovies, salmon and sardines featuring modest levels. Researchers have found that DMAE is associated with the nutrient choline and helps form the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. These links point to the compound's ability to support the nervous system and overall brain health. It is also associated with improvements in focus, memory, knowledge retention and mood.**

Studies have shown that DMAE works as an antioxidant to scavenge free radicals that may harm the body. Scientists believe that this activity helps to protect brain cells – a key factor in the compound's ability to support sharp memory during the aging process.

It is believed to stimulate the brain’s neurons, helping them to properly “fire” with electrical impulses. It is also believed to help form, repair and maintain brain cell membranes, further supporting cognitive wellness. Research has found DMAE appears to be linked with a reduction in theta and alpha brain waves, promoting a calmer, brighter and more focused mindset. Research also suggests the compound may support feeling of motivation and initiative.**

Aside from its use as brain health supplement, DMAE can be applied topically to uphold skin wellness. An ingredient in many skin care products, the nutrient has been found to promote dermal firmness and hydration. Considered an anti-aging compound, DMAE may benefit the skin after youthful years due to its potent antioxidant qualities.**

DMAE Products

DMAE supplements are often presented as dimethylaminoethanol bitartrate in capsule, tablet or liquid form. When used externally, the nutrient is available as a cream, serum or liquid. In these topical varieties, deanol may be combined with other skin-supportive anti-aging compounds, including CoQ-10, ALA (alpha lipoic acid) and vitamin C.**

DMAE Directions for Use

Before taking this nutrient or any other nutritional supplement, consult with your health care professional. DMAE dosage in tablets or capsules are typically in the range of 100 to 350 mg.**