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D-Mannose is found in cranberries and are promoters of healthy bladder function. Due to its antibacterial properties, D-Mannose supplement is known to:**

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What is D-Mannose?

A simple sugar, D-Mannose is found primarily in cranberries and other fruits. It has gained acclaim for its apparent ability to help maintain urinary health and influence bacteria in the bladder and lower urinary tract. It is one of the natural compounds that is responsible for cranberries’ famous urinary tract wellness benefits.**

D-Mannose works differently than most sugars when eaten. Instead of being absorbed into the bloodstream and metabolized by the body, D-Mannose instead passes through the kidneys, bladder and urinary tract. Since it can pass through the entire urinary tract, it can exert its antibacterial activity in the bladder. Thanks to its unique molecular structure, it appears to “bind” with bacteria molecules and carry them safely out of the body, helping to flush out the urinary tract while maintaining an ideally healthy bladder environment.**

This “bacteria binding” ability seems to be significant. In fact, research has shown that some bacteria have a higher affinity to bind with D-Mannose than anything else in the human body, making the compound’s potential particularly intriguing when it comes to managing bladder and urinary tract issues.**

D-Mannose Supplements

D-Mannose supplements have become a very popular choice for anyone who has had urinary tract issues. The supplement is utilized primarily by women, who are especially prone to urinary tract problems: The National Institutes of Health estimate that more than 50 percent of all women will have at least one urinary health issue in their lifetime.**

D-Mannose Directions for Use

D-Mannose is available in either powder or capsule form. As a powder, the typical D-Mannose dosage is one to two teaspoons daily, dissolved in water or unsweetened juice. As a capsule, the typical dose is up to three 500 mg capsules daily. However, always remember: You should never begin a nutritional supplementation regimen without first consulting with your primary care physician.**