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A well-known spice, Ginger, has been used for centuries in cooking for its taste. Now, we offer Crystallized Ginger, which you'll love for its: 

  • Sweet and spicy flavor

  • Portability--it makes a perfect snack!

  • Top quality standard

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What is Crystallized Ginger?

When you think Ginger, you may think of those watery-looking slices served with sushi; however, this renowned spice is so much more. It has been used for thousands of years and has a bunch of benefits for you. The Ginger plant’s origins are unknown, but the spice is widely cultivated in warmer regions like India in the present day. The plant itself only grows to be up to three feet in height and produces rhizomes which are the main source of nutrients.

Derived from the root-like stem of the ginger plant, known as the rhizome, this common spice provides a potent punch of healthy benefits. Aside from being a rich source of antioxidants, it is also a known supporter of the digestive tract.

Crystallized Ginger is a candied form of these traditional spice that delivers all the benefits of the rhizome in a deliciously sweet way! Convenient to chew on, it helps bring comfort to the stomach.

Crystallized Ginger Products

At PipingRock we offer all-natural, high quality crystallized ginger in snackable bite-sized pieces. We wanted to bring you a healthy snack that satisfies your sweet tooth and makes your stomach happy in the process—win, win!


Crystallized Ginger Products Direction of Use

Edible. Read the serving size to decide best amount for your lifestyle.