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Clear Lungs supports healthy respiration. The supplement contains herbs that have been used in Chinese wellness traditions for centuries due to its:

  • Promotion of relaxed breathing.**
  • Optimization of bronchial clarity.**
  • Helping to ease congestion.**
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What is Clear Lungs?

Clear Lungs supplement products present a signature blend of Asian herbs that have long been incorporated into Chinese health practices. Many of the botanical components in the formula have had extensive use in wellness traditions that date back thousands of years.**

Among these herbs is Chinese licorice root, which has a history of being linked with optimal breathing. Research has suggested that its antimicrobial qualities contribute to respiratory health, and the extract may also regulate inflammation for ideal unhindered airflow. Another key plant is dong quai, a root that is valued as an overall tonic in Asian wellness traditions and has been called upon for allergy relief.**

In this specific formulation, the herbs, which also include other exotic Chinese roots and fruits, are combined to assist with maintaining clear breathing. Since some of these plants are associated with modulating inflammation, they may aid in keeping airways optimally open. The blend may also help to uphold normal levels of mucus, thereby easing the considerable congestion that accompanies some respiratory issues.**

While conventional products often have notable side effects, Clear Lungs contains natural ingredients that may be gentler on the body than the synthetic compounds in over-the-counter offerings. In addition to its support of general respiration, the formula can be used in cases of seasonal health challenges, including allergies.**

Clear Lungs Supplements

Clear Lungs products feature Chinese herbs primarily derived from roots and fruits. They are available as vegetarian capsules. The supplements are offered in a number of varieties, including classic and extra strength.**

Clear Lungs Directions for Use

Seek advice from your health care professional before taking this herbal formula or beginning any supplement regimen. Though no standard dose has been set, capsules are typically either 500 or 750 mg each.**