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Citicoline is involved in the synthesis of the brain-supportive neuronutrient phosphatidylcholine.** It also:

  • Helps maintain healthy cognitive function**

  • Supports overall brain health**

  • Promotes healthy aging and wellness**

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What is Citicoline?

Also known as CDP-choline, Citicoline is a compound naturally found in our brains that is involved in the generation of an important neuro-nutrient known as phosphatidylcholine.** This nutrient is a phospholipid, which are fatty acid compounds that help to maintain the structure of neuronal cell membranes.**

Citicoline is also a B-vitamin that supports the metabolism of energy within the brain, as well as the production of key neurotransmitters.** Thanks to these roles it plays in the brain, Citicoline is a popular supplement for supporting overall cognitive wellness and memory.**

Citicoline Supplements

PipingRock Citicoline (Recall Elements) supplements deliver this important neuro-friendly nutrient in an easy-to-take quick release capsule form! This nutrient can also typically be found combined with acetyl L-carnitine and alpha lipoic acid in supplemental memory and cognitive health formulas.

Citicoline Directions for Use

Always consult with your trusted health care professional prior to adding any supplement to your daily regimen. While a standard recommended daily allowance has not been set for Citicoline, supplements are typically offered in the range of 250mg to 500mg.