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Circulation supplements support vascular health, promote healthy blood flow, and help to maintain blood pressure already within normal range.** They are also known to:

  • Help keep blood vessels flexible & healthy.**
  • Open blood vessels for robust circulation.**
  • Balance blood pressure & cholesterol.**
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What is Circulation?

The circulatory system is the body’s transportation and delivery system, moving blood and lymph throughout the body for maintenance and repair, keeping body temperature stable, promoting immune system function, and generally keeping the body in balance. A closed system, it is a loop that begins and ends with the heart and lungs: It moves blood into the lungs to be oxygenated, removes carbon dioxide, and returns the blood to the heart for another cycle through the human body. Nutrients that are drawn from the digestive system are deposited into the bloodstream to bolster various health-essential functions.**

Circulatory concerns are often linked with cardiovascular wellness, especially out-of-range blood cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure issues. Inflexible blood vessels and malfunctioning endothelium, which is the lining of blood vessels, are also associated with circulatory problems. In addition to these potentially serious cardiovascular issues is the widespread, but relatively benign, concern of varicose veins. These often occur in the legs due to inefficient to outright failing valves in the veins. Besides creating cosmetic concerns in some, varicose veins may also lead to aches and discomfort in the legs.**

Proper circulatory health is a vital contributor to overall wellness. Circulatory issues in the legs and elsewhere in the body are often addressed with exercise, proper diet, and in some cases with corrective surgical procedures. Natural supplements provide an additional means of support by promoting blood vessel flexibility, blood health, endothelial function and other aspects of circulatory wellness. Some of the most popular circulation supplements include:**

  • Vitamin K2: Naturally found in mature cheese and to a lesser degree in eggs and meat, K2 helps with circulation by supporting normal blood clotting throughout the cardiovascular system.**
  • Cayenne: The pepper popularly used to add culinary heat also supplies capsaicin, a phytochemical possessing analgesic properties. Studies have validated cayenne's ability to stimulate healthy blood flow and strengthen blood vessels.**
  • Nattokinase: Sourced from fermented soybeans used in the Japanese dish nattō, research has shown that nattokinase can improve circulatory wellness by optimizing blood vessel flexibility and helping to maintain blood pressure within normal range.**
  • Horse Chestnut: This extract of the seeds of horse chestnut tree was discovered in the 1800s to have a positive effect on circulatory health and varicose veins. It is believed to work by reinforcing blood vessels and “sealing” the tiny holes that can sometimes occur in capillaries.**
  • Gotu Kola: Used in traditional Chinese and Indian wellness practice, gotu kola supplies compounds called triterpines that promote stronger blood vessels and minimize the occurrence and appearance of varicose veins.**
  • AAKG: Often marketed as a muscle-building supplement, AAKG us a form of L-arginine that optimizes Nitric Oxide, the compound responsible for signaling the endothelium to “open up” blood vessels for peak blood flow. AAKG is believed to help maintain blood pressure within normal range.**
  • Garlic: Supplying an active ingredient called allicin, garlic is a cardiovascular herb that optimizes circulatory wellness by balancing both blood pressure and cholesterol levels in normal range.**
  • Feverfew: Long used in traditional herbalism, feverfew has enjoyed a modern resurgence due to its ability to fight migraines, modulate inflammation, and relax the blood vessels for robust circulatory performance.**

Circulation Supplements

Circulatory system supplements originate from various natural sources. Capsules and softgels are the most widely available forms of these nutrients.**

Circulation Directions for Use

Before starting any supplement regiment for the circulatory system, always consult your trusted health care provider. There is no set recommended dosage for these supplements.**