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Bee Propolis, used in wellness traditions for centuries, supplies over 300 nutritional compounds.**Bee Propolis supplements are rich with wellness-promoting properties and is known for:**

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What is Bee Propolis?

Also known as “bee glue,” this resin-like substance is produced by bees and used as a sealant in hives. While beeswax is generally utilized for bigger spaces in the hive, bee propolis is the sticky material that fills in small cracks, leading to sturdier construction while also sterilizing the structure and keeping out unwanted visitors. It is created from various plant sources, including leaf buds and the sap from trees such as poplars and pines, as well as other conifers.**

Both topically and orally, bee propolis has been a component of traditional health practices since ancient times. Roman, Greek and Middle Eastern cultures used it topically to assist with skin health. Syrian cultures used it to help with wound-healing. In later eras, it became valued for assisting with mouth and throat wellness, gaining acclaim for helping with cold sores and easing discomfort after oral surgery.**

The specific content of bee propolis is extremely complex, and varies widely based on geographic location, regional plants, and time of collection. Research has found, however, that it regularly contains a wide array of nutrients, including flavonoids, enzymes, amino acids, and polyphenols. These compounds account for the substance’s beneficial qualities, particularly its antioxidant activity and its ability to support immune health. The substance’s skin-supportive properties have made it a popular ingredient in many cosmetic products.**

Bee Propolis Supplements

Bee propolis is sourced from beehives. It is regularly available in capsule, tablet or liquid form. It is sometimes incorporated into honey or offered in a paste with royal jelly, another nutrient-rich bee product. Some supplements combine propolis and royal jelly with bee pollen for the benefits of all three bee-derived substances. Bee propolis is also an ingredient in some chewing gums and lozenges.**

Bee Propolis Directions for Use

Talk to your physician before beginning any routine supplementation. While there is no common bee propolis dosage, capsules may supply up to 500 mg.**