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Arnica Montana is a flowering plant native to North America and Europe. A centuries-old herbal wellness tradition, Arnica is topically used to promote soothing ease of discomfort. It also:

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What is Arnica Montana?

A plant native to mountainous regions of Europe and North America, Arnica montana has been used in herbal folk wellness practices for centuries. As early as the 12th century in Germany, it was part of spiritual rituals and considered a tonic herb in traditional health practices. Later, the herb’s flowers, leaves and stems were commonly used in homeopathic tinctures. Today, it is most popular as arnica gel and arnica cream. These topical formulations are used to relieve minor aches while encouraging healing, especially the healing of bruises.

The same properties that enable its soothing effects may also support other wellness benefits. Arnica gel has frequently been used successfully to help soothe joint discomfort when used topically. Its wellness properties have also contributed to its reputation for helping with the appearance of bruises.

Arnica Essential Oils

Arnica oil is popular for easing muscle aches, joint problems, bruises and other minor skin issues. It is very rare to find this herb as an oral supplement due to toxicity risks when taken internally, but oral homeopathic remedies containing the extract are diluted to render them safe.

Arnica Directions for Use

Do not begin using Arnica montana, or any other herbal substance, without first speaking with your doctor. Standard topical applications of this extract can vary, but are usually recommended to not exceed two to three applications a day.